the best place in england,there is a down side though, that being parks estate, trust me you definately do not want to live there! its full of crappy council houses and you will be mugged for 20p just so the people that live there can buy a thimble full of vodka!
i love belper but i will have to move because i was punched in the eye for my car keys!
by david mcflan August 2, 2005
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The little bit of chewing gum you find attached to the underside of tables and chairs.
I slid my hand under the table and found a belper. It was still moist!
by Strath November 5, 2004
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An overly large mushroom tipped mancumber that surprises even the most experienced rider
Brad"Hey Alison I think you've sat on a wet seat"
Alison" Owwe no I took on the belper helmet last night and I'm Still seeping
by Chard007 May 19, 2019
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