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In genoese dialect(dialect of Genoa, Italy), it means penis, cock, dick. Mostly used to say esclamation like the american "What the fuck!", 'belin!' have the same meaning.
"Peter, where is your sister?!" "Belin!She's suddenly desappeared!!!"
by Enrico January 24, 2004
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The most beautiful and lovely creature on earth. A Belin is strong and good to everyone around her.
She should be proyd of being a Belin! Belin's are incredibly amazing!
by supergirl17 August 13, 2017
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A name typically used for beautiful women. The name Belin is associated with beautiful eyes, a strong physique and charisma.
Damn that girl has everything, she must be a Belin.
by TylerDeCreator March 19, 2019
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