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To concern or bother. To matter to.
Someone gives you an excuse for not being able to do something, but you don't care, as long as you get the result you want.
George Thorogood's "House Rent Blues": His landlady has seen him leaning against a post, not looking for work to get money to pay the rent. He says "but I'm tired!" She replies "That don't befront me, as long as I get my money next Friday."
by DrifterSS May 15, 2008
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Everyone has a behind. But, befronts are reserved for those in the population who carry enough weight in their lower midsection that it looks like a butt in the front, hence the term befront. Befronts are also akin to F.U.P.A.'s. Befront is a less vulgar term than F.U.P.A. and can be used in the presence of children, the elderly, and with more refined company.
All of Helene's pants accentuate her befront.
by Scherill January 19, 2008
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