Played with the Destroyers and is best known for his song 'Bad to the Bone' but has other good songs such as 'Move it on Over' and 'Who do you Love'
When my dad said that George Thorogood was a better guitarist than Eric Clapton I punched him in the face
by Matty J December 05, 2004
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A round of drinks consisting of a shot of Jim Beam, a shot of Johnny Walker (Red or Black) and a bottle of Budweiser. The drink is named after Thorogood's song "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer".

The specific drinks come from another Thorogood song "I Drink Alone".

Once ordered, you proceed to down each drink in the order listed. Typically done either to forget your troubles or simply as a quick way of getting drunk.
Customer (to bartender): "I just found out my woman's cheating on me. Give me a George Thorogood Trifecta!"

Guy (to friends): "Let's just get hammered tonight. Bartender! Give me a George Thorogood Trifecta!"
by Your mouth's not pregnant August 15, 2011
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A George Thorogood is a name of a drink order which consists of One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer, (of course referring to the artist and his song of the same name) . This tripple drink in usually ordered in a bar by someone who, for whatever personal reason, has the specific intent to get plastered as quickly as possible. The three drinks are fully consumed in this specific order, usually just before belching and ordering another round.
John ( to Bartender ) : ...yeah, gimme a George Thorogood...

Steve (to Rick) : Shit ! John just ordered a George Thorogood ( the drink order ) !

Rick (to Steve) : Let him be, man, he just broke up with Sally...

Steve (to Rick) : Oh, I see. I didn't know... I'll get his car keys off of him...
by Marc O.C. February 12, 2011
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