This girl is super outgoing and crazy . She seems shy at first but once you get to know her she's the most hyper person you will ever meet . She has a big heart and puts people she loves before herself and she would do anything for her friends even if she's mad at them or in a fight with them . Lyrical is the most unique person you'll meet she has such an amazing point of view and is open minded . Her name fits her so well it's weird just like her . Lyrical has been through a lot and still lives on happy she's tough and inspiring . Everyone should know a lyrical
There's no other word to describe her she's just lyrical
by Lyricallll babin June 03, 2014
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The most amazing, smart, fun, outgoing, beautiful, gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Seriously, she will change your life and you will never be able to stop thinking about her. She is the love of my life.
beautiful gorgeous iloveher myworld lyric
by I am number 456789 February 11, 2013
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lyric: she's probably the funniest person you'll ever meet. always keeping you on your feet! she always googles quotes and or songs to fit the situation she's in perfectly. she's beautiful in her own way. she's the most stubborn girl you'll probably ever have to deal with. she smiles wether she wants to or not.. always looking to brighten someone else's day, before she can brighten her own. when she starts to like a boy, she falls not intentionally. if she loves you, she'll tell you.. and mean it. she trusts only a hand full of people. you really do not want to miss out on an chance with this girl. she's scared of being hurt more than anything.. if you hurt her, good luck trying to fix things. there's a very low chance that she'll forgive you, and if she does.. just remember she will never forget!
that lyric girl? she's hilarious.
by marrrrron June 12, 2011
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Lyric is a very kind, social and overall lovable person to be around. She is often addicted to sweets and tik tok. When you hang out with her, you always have a good time. Lyric was probably very weird as a child but normally grows up to be super cool and popular. However sometimes she can turn into a gremlin if you pour water on her. Everybody loves Lyric.
Girl 1: Omg is that lyric? She is so pretty
Gurl 2: Yeah she is so pretty, but be careful she might choke you!
by genevieve527 July 23, 2020
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When someone speaks to you completely or sparatically in song lyrics without you knowing
She was lyricing me when we were having a serious conversation.
by Cburr December 31, 2006
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Everybody says that lyric is the most beautiful girl ever on urban dictionary but I’m a fucking dude

I’m quitting my job next time someone calls me a beautiful girl
“Lyric? That dude is funny as hell. I just wish he would be quiet sometimes.
by -Neon March 15, 2020
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Amazing beautiful girl, hard to find but she is defiantly worth it. she is strong and funny she is worth fighting for. you would be the luckiest person on earth if you met this girl. lyric has an amazing personailty and the figure to go with it. Boys are always chasing after her. she has a big heart and is so sweet, she likes long realtionships and looks dont always matter to her. lyric is an all around kind of girl you guys would want. if i were you i wouldnt want to miss out on an opportunity like her.
Boy 1: wow that lyric girl is so sweet and pretty
Boy 2: i know i would date her anyday
by anhelicahiygfd October 25, 2010
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