When you think you're out of beer but then find one hiding in the back of your fridge.
We're out of booze...wait, it's a beeracle!
by ucfreefall March 15, 2006
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An event that should not happen but still does despite the amount of alcohol ingested by the person to whom it occurs.
Guy 1: Terry shotgunned 24 beers and got so drunk that he forgot his own name, but still hooked up Jen and Rebecca.
Guy 2: What a beeracle.
by Gradez June 25, 2007
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Any amazing thing that can only happen when the doer is drunk.
1: hey, did you stay at the party long enough to see kevin take that running start toward the staircase at the end of our hallway?
2: no, but I heard him saying that he wanted to roll all the way down earlier. Did he make it?
1: yeah it was a total beeracle
by sterlinglynn September 11, 2008
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The healing power of beer in various ways:
- Opposite sex becomes miraculously attractive after beer consumption
- Beer consumption leads to great superpowers, like dangerous courage & corrosive karaoke breath.
- Beer can suddenly stimulate dormant internal organs to begin processing bodily fluids again! *
* A friend recently told me about an old buddy who was living out his last days with failing organs.
The doctors had sent him home to be with loved ones as he awaits his passing.

My friend, being the caring & nurturing sort, called his family & asked them if there was any beer in the house for his old pal. The family members said yes, So my sweet friend told them to let his buddy drink one last brewski for his final fling!
They agreed, & the man did partake....
Much to their surprise, the infirmed chap's kidneys began to function again on their own, & his strength steadily improved. My bud's theory is, his kidneys knew exactly what to do with beer.
Now, you may call it a spirit stimulation...

I call it a BEERACLE !!!
by MICHAELANTONIO June 17, 2016
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When playing beer pong and an unlikely shot is made by a usually horrible player. Said player also has to be drunk or at least buzzed when the shot is made.
you: holy shit, Angela made a pong shot?
Me: wow, thats a beeracle for sure.
by Trake 07 February 16, 2009
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A moment of alcohol infused/induced mental clarity, most typically observed during a stressful period of studying for various college level courses.
Brit and I performed a Beeracle studying for Organic Chemistry Lab.
by BA77 May 4, 2011
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A miraculous outcome acheived after performing an act while drunk on beer that you would not have performed sober
Thom, a seasoned Hacklete, was pushed down the stairs by his arch nemesis Sally after 14 tins of Tenants (Thom is from Glasgow). In his drunken state he descended the 32.5 steps like a rag doll. It was a beeracle he didn't break a bone.
by Vegan McFlurry November 13, 2014
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