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a beer bat is a plastic whiffle ball bat (can be bought at a WalMart or another store like that...or you can steal it from a lil girl if she's not playing with it at the time). The bottom of the bat (where you hands go) is cut off. You proceed to pour a beer into the bat. You then put the bat to the floor, your head to the bat and spin around 10 times. After your tenth spin, pound the beer from the bat.

Also known as the ULSTER beer bat.
" I went to ULSTER last night and got shit-faced and dizzy from those damn beer bats"

"Blair! Stop chopping up my beer bats with a machete!"
by Stu Brauer August 17, 2006
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strange bat found on the Eastern shore of Maryland especially around campfires where Yuengling is being drank; known for its call
Could that whine be a beer bat?
by Z Wardell Ph.D. July 05, 2003
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