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A casual, yet effective insult to a person antagonizing, criticizing or making fun of you.
A person that is sassing you.
A person stealing your thunder.
synonymous with idiot, beefcake, wiener, butthead, etc.
That beefhead is ridiculous, all yellin at the referee!

Oh no, that beefhead took all of the vanilla pudding.
by ssg44 September 11, 2011
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An individual with a head too large for their body.
Did you see Tom the other night? He let himself go, and now he's not just a fatty, but a total beef head!
by Travis Touchdown February 15, 2008
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The term used to descibe someone with a fucking huge forehead. The term oftern referres to Julien Lescott (Who has the fattest beefiest forehead anyone has even seen, it's fucking abnormal, I would check that beast out if I were you) Otherwise known as a meathead or a fucking dockoff forehead.
Oi lad, you seen the size of that kids Beefhead?'' *Points at Lescott* ''Fuck that's huuuuuuuge, that's a head and a half right there son!
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Someone with an incredibaly large head
If there head looks to big for thier body they are a beef head
by Davo September 09, 2003
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a person with a beef head or a large head that is bigger than average size
Danny Morton has a big beef head LMAO! his head is fukin huge the beef head
by Foster August 12, 2004
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variant of meathead, but with the bovine provlivity of standing around blinking stupidly when any word of more than one syllable is spoken to them. Beefheads are also more heavily built than meathead. Academics are currently devising a standardised physiological test which will be able to identify which football players are meatheads and which qualify as beefheads
by M May 16, 2003
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