A large stick of tasty beef, usually with some type of cream filling
Bob decided to whip out his big tasty beef stick for samantha
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
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An extremely foul, nauseating creature whose smell closely resembles a beef stick.
Damn, that beast sure was smelling like a beef stick today!
by ph.a.l.p.k.g.z November 09, 2018
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"Oooh Put that hot beefstick in my manhole."
"MMMMM. I love how your moustache tickles my beefstick."
"He has quite a beefstick. I'd bet he can get any guy he wants."
by thefuckler May 07, 2008
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(Noun) A Beefstick is a person who is amazing at everything, both in World of Warcraft and otherwise. He's probably large in the crotchular region.
1) Damn, that guy from Cenarius is such a Beefstick! I wish I was as cool as him.

2) Random Noob: Wow, that Shaman's pretty good!
Random Noob2: Yeah, but he's no Beefstick, that's for sure.
by LOLGUESSWHO February 21, 2008
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