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1. An imprecise or snap judgment of incredibly small space or distance - usually in relation to a brief window of time, as in a close call or near miss. Exact measurement can never be known, trust only in it being teeny-tiny.

2. Drone penis
1. The car briefly span out of control on the wet road, squealing to a stop a bee’s dick away from slamming into the Capilano truck traveling in the opposite direction.

2. The two virgin females fought for the title of the hive's queen, which gave exclusive breeding rights over a thousand strong swarm of buzzing bee's dick. Being so beleaguered, we believe it would be a busy bee season for the winning bee.
by Danny K. July 26, 2007
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"Yussi was so pissed (drunk) when he came home from the pub, he fell into the wall but only left a bees dick size crack..."
by Leasky June 20, 2005
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