A school full of absolute wankers who smoke in the astro at dinner and think they’re ard, shittiest school in wigan full of tramps even westleigh is better
Wow seen state the state of her?

Yeah she must go bedford high
by bedfordhighschoolwigannn December 11, 2019
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Bedford High School... where do I begin?
1. We have a threat almost every week.

2.filled with useless teachers who don’t know how to help student and when asked, they are as useless as a fucking white crayon

3.Grading system is absolute shit, makes no sense compared to literally any other school America. Explain how one can have a 85 but NCY at the same time.

4. School hours are stupid because not every just has the extra time to go do community service and other shit.

5. why are there almost no choices for in between classes? For most students we are stuck between either Being stressed out of our minds or bored out of our minds because they ignore the majority of students in the middle

6.dress code, there isn’t a very strict one but god forbid you have a teacher who dislikes you and sends you down to the office every other class when you have an “ inappropriate” outfit even tho there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and the office says there’s nothing wrong with it

7. Teachers are very biased. If they don’t like you then you’re screwed.

8. Why tf are prom tickets so expensive? School already has enough money and the kids already spend so much to prepare for prom? These are teens, not everyone is filled with 65/75 dollars to pay for each ticket.

9. Pep rally’s and dances become less and less fun because school administrators become so strict and don’t lets kids have fun. God forbid there be a swear in a song or that we chant “go home freshman”
“I hate Bedford High School, the school sucks.”
“Damn man that’s the worst.”
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The high school in bedford nh were there are bomb threats, hit lists on the walls, or shooting threats every 4 seconds.
by hehe that’s a mood March 06, 2019
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The shittiest, most difficult high school in existence. The cheap ass administration highers fresh-out-of college, young, dumb ass teachers. These inexperienced teachers usually fail 50%+ of their class just because they can't fucking teach.

Some of the unfair, strict, and bullshit rules at BHS include:

-No D's (That's right, you either get a 70+ or you fail)

-Competencies, something that NO OTHER SCHOOL IN NEW HAMPSHIRE ENFORCES, that wreck your GPA and overall grades. You can have a 90% (A-) in a class, and still receive an NCF because you didn't pass 1/100 of your stupid little competencies.

-Longest school day in existence even after being cut down from last year. The day lasts OVER 7 HOURS.

-Block scheduling. Thought your class was boring as shit? Think again. Pump that 45 minute class to a massive 1 hour and 30 minute class filled with shitty busy work and cramming so that the teacher fills in all the time they don't need.

-Real World Learning hours. As a student attending BHS, you are forced against your will to do community service, career exploration, and other pointless shit if you want to graduate. You need over 80 hours of this stupid shit if you ever want to see your diploma.

Officially the worst school to ever hit the U.S.A.
Student: Hey, can I get some extra credit please? I have a 69 in chemistry and one more point and I'll pass the class. I've done every single homework assignment but I'm having some trouble on the tests/quizzes. After all the extra help it still isn't sticking. Bedford High School is really tough. Please?

Teacher: Sorry, you should of done better on the material I never taught you about. You should know all this college-level science, come on. See you next year in my class again. I love Bedford High School.
by BHSFuckingSucks April 10, 2010
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A place where teenagers, spend 4 years of their life takin it up the ass.
Mom can I not go to bedford high school today? My ass is still sore from the last math class with Mr.Sheil
by BHSSucks231 December 10, 2009
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Bedford high school is a big shit whole nobody send kids there
But still better that Mary's
Don't go Bedford high school
by Unknown to yall November 18, 2019
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I had a class with a Mr. P, the drama teacher. We calmly and quietly raised our hands and waited. When he saw our hands up, at first he scoffed,

"I'm not going to answer your question."

then, after waiting for a few minutes, he stood, approached, and pointed to an app.

"click on it"

my eyes widened and searched before I felt a pressure on my head.

Instead of poking the screen, Mr. P had opted to grip my head between his hands and forcefully turn it toward a section of the screen.

I was shocked and at a loss of what to say.

This was not the worst of it, however.

Throughout the class, whenever he was near me or my friend, he would do things to us. He grabbed my friend's sleeve and pulled her back into her own chair by it. He made jokes about strangling us when we asked questions . . .

But my last straw was when he got frustrated with me and put his hands around my neck, It was only for a moment, and he didn't even touch me that time, but it frightened me so badly that I ran to the counselor's office. They said they would speak to him, and he never touched us for the rest of the year, but I am unsure as to whether or not he assaulted other students.

This was never made public, because if it had been, Mr. P would no doubt have lost his job, and no matter how disgusting he may be, nobody deserves to lose their one source of income.

Bedford High School is corrupt, firing teachers for being a witness to trial, but ignoring those who assault minors.
I'm never going back to Bedford High School.
by The One Without A User September 06, 2020
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