beckie is probably the hottest name in the whole world. perfect for a hottie with gorgeous eyes. beckie's have it all: looks, brains, boobs, you name it. a beckie will never let you down
MAN! She's definately a 'beckie.'
by boyinlove May 27, 2006
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A beckie has a massive pair of tits, really juicy and every single male she meets wants to suck them. She has the perfect body but is best known for her two massive features. She's regarded as a slut. She's had them since a young age, and has aquired many boyfriends during this time because of them. She almost always uses them to get into places, and her friends arent complaining. When she has sex, she goes hard and her features bounce everywhere. She likes titty-fuck, and does everything with her tits.
Girl 1: OMG, that girl looks like such a beckie!
Girl 2: Dont you mean slut?
Girl 1: Oh yeah, babe. Totally.
by thebabelover6969 December 01, 2013
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A joke within the swiftie community.

Someone posted a picture of their alleged friend and captioned it ‘this is my late friend becky. She died of doing crack at a party. Don’t do crack.’ But the picture of her friend was actually of taylor swift.’

Then a fan commented ‘pretty sure that’s Taylor swift’ and the person replied ‘no its becky.’
A few days later, Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a t-shirt with the phrase ‘no its becky’ on it!
Swiftie: ‘Omg remember no it’s becky?’
Person: ‘umm no what is that?!’
by Swiftgrlxoxo June 06, 2020
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Becki is a reserved name for the unbelievably cute, pretty, adorable girl you can't stop thinking about. She's the best person to be around and everyone wants to be a Becki. There's always that secret someone who likes her, but doesn't want to make a move as he's too scared she'll turn him down.

Rebecca. I love you.
Have you seen Becki? I can't stop thinking about her...
by TheGuyWhoLikesYou October 29, 2013
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A stereotypical, basic white girl; obsessed with Starbucks, Ugg boots, and trying to have a bigger butt

You need to put emphasis on the B when you say it.
Uh. You went to Starbucks AGAIN? You need to stop going there, Becky.
by qwer122 May 06, 2016
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1. When a white woman wields her privilege like a baseball bat to clear a spot for her own oblivious entitlement.

2. What Beckies do
Miley Cyrus beckying her way into hip hop
by Archeron02 May 11, 2017
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noun: potential bb, worth it 100%
Becky, please lemme smash
S- Support you
M- Make you feel safe
A- Actually feel loved
S- Stay and look after you
H- Hold you every night and feed you kit kats
by nice jester October 13, 2017
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