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A series sequel to a show called Beast Wars. The show not only pissed off many fans but it also introduced some lame ass yoga crap to the whole transformers theme which was required in order for the characters to "maximize"
Beast Machines Example:

Optimus Primal: Maximize! Oh it didn't work... Well shit..

*Some lame overly-cliche oracle thing*
Psst... You must say "I am transformed..."

Optimus: I am transformed! It worked!

*Fans are disgusted at Optimus' faggy new skin head look.
by bluemuffin May 20, 2009
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Noun: A term coined by online gamers meaning someone who is (or thinks they are) very good at what they are doing. Usually used in a sarcastic way to name someone who is terrible at what they are doing.
Wow, that guy with zero kills is a fucking beast machine.
by TekJanson July 01, 2009
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A simple exclamation used in the place of "fuck" or "shit" or any other curse spoken in frustrating circumstances. It doesn't have any particular background or meaning so it may be used repeatedly without the risk of offending anyone.
*drops vase on the floor*
"BEAST MACHINE!!! Mom's gonna kill me!"
*stubbs toe*
" Argghhhh BEAST MACHINE !!!"
by ObsessiveMoosery July 29, 2006
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