Agustin Luna is the definition of a BEAST!he goes so hard he makes straight guys go gay.he shits on the whole world like hes was ghandi!haha
Person 1:Ey u Know that nigga Agustin Luna?
Person 2:yea bruh he go by Mech-Sicko!YEE nigga his beats go hard on mamoas!Becous he IS A BEAST!
by ghandi 831 October 25, 2009
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'The Beast' is a term commonly used to describe certain twelve year old girls who are three times the size of you and have no emotion whatsoever. 'The Beast' often has an ego thinking, just because she is a descendant of the African elephant, she can 'kick' you to death. 'The Beast' is a terribly unfortunate sight, often serenaded by doomsday music when passed in the cafeteria accompanied with squinty eyes.
OMG look it's the Beast! That bitch actually thinks she's good, she only beat me because she's been breaking through walls since birth! ..and I mean the actual room separating type.. She's a fricken yeti!
by Schitzy June 09, 2005
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Beast and schlitz are the two greatest beers in the world. Hell YES! I put all that shit in my cereal and eat it. WOOOO!
by Dan the man May 07, 2004
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(Edinburgh Slang) To partake in the consumption of take-away asian food in the company of ones closest friends
'Shall we beast tonight? Mine at 10?'

'God I fancy a beast'
by paanders April 27, 2009
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The Police force,Or individividual Officer
"The beastcame through to arrest the burgulars"
by M.Jones December 07, 2003
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Mad wack

Verb: To beast; to yell or be a douche about something
"Neal, you have to go to boyscouts? that's beast"

"My moms beasting me becasue i failed 2 classes"
by Eric March 28, 2004
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