Something that is very good, has exceptional qualities, is very large or just generally something that makes life more entertaining that the utter wank that it normally is.
'That is a beast' or 'what a beast'
by Gay Bear August 12, 2007
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1) (archaic use) an animal of any sort, usually a large one.
2)A person who is really good at something.
3) A person who is really ripped; muscular; athletic in a particular area, espcially one that requires muscular strength; etc. (usually male)
3) A female who's tall, muscular, and really good at some sort of athletic activity, usually a violent, rough, or just really hard one.
1) "the beasts of the field"
2) "Andy is such a beast at ping pong."
3) "Man, Andy's a beast."
4) "Cindy plays field hockey, lacrosse, and football. Dang, she's such a beast!"
by andriod5 March 29, 2006
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1. to be very aggressive (more commonly used when describing aggressiveness during sports or sex)

2. used to descibe very ugly male or female; the epitome of ugly

3. another name for prison (jail); used more commonly in the 80's & 90's. another well known term is "belly of the beast"
1. Michael Jordan was a beast last night he scored 57 points! or Last night Kevin fucked me like a wild beast.

2. How could you set me up on a date with that beast?

3. Julio been locked up in the beast for the past 3 yrs now.
by Paperchaser February 25, 2006
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anything that people think is cool or impressive; synonymous with "da bomb"
After he painted black flames on his truck, all his friends said it was a beast.
by Jimbobbykins June 28, 2005
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1. (Noun) A person who is good at a particular thing. See also, The Bomb.

2. (Adjective) Amazing.

3. (Verb) To completely own someone or something.
1. "Did you see that huge guy? He's a freakin' beast!"

2. "That guy was totally beastly."

3. "Dude! I just beasted 'Through the Fire and Flames' on Expert! PWNAGE!"
by Mya Abbott May 24, 2008
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