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Used to describe a girl who is thicker than most but not disgustingly fat. Typically has a decent belly, thick thighs, large ass etc. Often found in a pack of skinnier girls to enhance their features to the rest of male population.
Friend: You think Olivia is hot?
Me : Yeah I'm all about that bear meat.

Me: Yo I'm going out with Olivia tonight.
Friend : Really, I didn't know you liked that bear meat.
by ilikewomen April 11, 2015
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Hey man! I was just up north hunting for some bears and I got ahold of some great Bear Meat!

- Oh dang Bears have been scarce around here hook me up!
by xps123 February 16, 2009
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Any tender male morsel that might be seen as prey for a gay "bear."
Steve realized his blunder as he walked into the Blue Oyster Bar and all the men in attendance locked eyes on him as fresh bearmeat!
by digitaldevil April 16, 2009
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