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Shallan is the most amazing, sexiest, beautiful girl in the world. When you meet a Shallan you will always want her to be in your life. She is more fun to be around than any person you will ever meet. She is so pretty that all the guys want to be with her. Shallan is the epitome of a hot fucking chick!
by Mfish September 26, 2013
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Shallan is the type of girl that you like from the very beginning. She’s pretty, but with a big ass nose. She’s outgoing, slim, and gets along with everyone.

She’s pretty but not as pretty as she thinks she is. She has the biggest ego, bigger than anyone you will ever meet. She likes to talk about herself and compliment herself a lot in front of everyone. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of confidence but Shallan takes confidence to an unhealthy level. She will gloat about how many friends and followers she has, how nice her body is, how skinny she is, etc.

And that getting along with everyone thing? Great at first. You don’t feel awkward around her and she’s a people pleaser. But soon you’ll realize that she’s not loyal.

Beware: if you date a Shallan, prepare for constant flirting from everyone else she comes in contact with. She will not make you feel special. You are just one of her side guys. She won’t cheat, but she’ll push the boundaries of cheating.
Joe: That girl over there is kinda pretty, should I talk to her?

Ryan: Oh that one? No fucking way. That’s a Shallan! She’s a whore.

Joe: Oh god, really?

Ryan: Yeah don’t expect much from her. Oh shit she’s coming over.

Shallan: Heyyyyyyyy.

Joe: Uh hi.

Shallan: My boyfriend is over there but I thought I should talk to some new people. He’s boring anyways. What’s your name?

Joe: I’m Joe. You’re Shallan right?

Shallan: Duh I’m Shallan, you’re following me on Instagram. Ugh whatver. I need some hotter guys to embrace my hot body. No one appreciates my good looks!!!
by wheatzebra May 31, 2018
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