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What you call coffee if it is the only thing in the house that you have to drink.
Drinking bean water before you go to sleep tweaks you out and makes you sweat.
by teacherdave January 27, 2004
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A delicious mixture of water and baked beans combined into one to make a delicious beverage
Man I want some f****** Beanwater *****
by clomy December 14, 2016
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The opposite of dank when referring to memes.

Can be used interchangeably as an adjective or a noun; abbreviated to 'BW'.

Originates from the tweet: 'Hey Starbucks I'm not using your made up language give me a medium beanwater'

Typically used for a meme that would only appeal to people who have a basic and stunted sense of humour and are easily amused by low-effort memes and jokes. Related: Boomer Humour.
*Friend posts terrible meme looking for laughs*

"Mate, that is proper beanwater"


"Yuck, that is pure beanwater"
by LabSocsFinest November 05, 2020
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