A Yorkshire term that can be used in any situation, no matter how light or serious it may be, a full translation means "It'll be alright"
Person 1: "What if someone discovers the body?"

Person 2: "Be reyt"
by Donald Trump is bae April 11, 2016
Slight variation of the word reet, which is sometimes used in North West England
noel: reyt lad hows it hangin?
me: slightly to the left yo.
by The Omnipotent April 22, 2006
Can also mean "Very" in Yorkshire dialect.
"It’s reyt hard to remember that on a day like today" - Arctic Monkeys’ song "Mardy Bum"
by AM Merchant December 1, 2022
o`reyt....meaning alright in Lankysher (Lancashire)

"How are you today?"

"I`m o`reyt thanks"
by Dr Fox May 8, 2007
When something good happens, it is a 'REYT DO'.
Used by a very small minority of people in Yorkshire
Tom: "John you have just won a fiver"
John: "REYT DO!"
by MOTERIHSKROY April 30, 2011
A loose Yorkshire dialect term, referring to a situation which is and always will be, catagorically wrong or out of order.
Lisa: I heard that Kevin slept with an underage girl last night

Katie: Really?! That's never reyt...
by seventeenfifty September 13, 2011
When things seem like they're going up the swanny just remember this phrase and 99% of the time, it does sod all.
Person 1: "Oh god why can't I do this?!"
Person 2: "Ah come on mate, it'll be reyt

*Reyt can be stylised as Reet
by Proper Sheffield lad February 12, 2022