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short term for babe usually used when texting, emailing or on msn
ello bbe hwz u?
gd fnx bbe u?
by sam!! xx August 16, 2006
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person: yo u a top or a bottom
person 2: i got some strong BBE
by shoshana. October 12, 2018
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Bbes, is short for 'Babes'
''Hay bbes how are ya?''

''DAYM bbes, howd you get alla that?''
by !ASHLEE October 07, 2007
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Big bottom energy; relating to the exuding aura of a sexual β€˜bottom’ at any given time.

bbe is the counterpart to big top energy.
Cyrus: Wow, do you see Micah? That guy has some serious bbe.

Fernando: Damn, you’re right! Do you think he’d let me top him?
by Tuberculosis February 20, 2019
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a short term for baby
people think its babe but its not
bbe your gourgous
by fwehglire March 20, 2009
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