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A name for a very well known, mainly American, News Agency. Or stands for big black cock, a large penis that a person from Africa owns. for you horny people.
Julia: "Oh! you've don't even have a BBC!"
Kobe: "(Say with African accent) Com to AfRica! We hve Lts There!"
by Xxx_Gulag_Clutcher_xxX May 28, 2021
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bbc either means british broadcasting corporation or big black cock. rather used in a sexual way more often than "bbc news."
i want your bbc in me.
i love watching bbc news.
by orlando is so cool July 21, 2022
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Big black cock
Usually found on black males

Normally bigger than a horsepenis
Jesus Christina, have you really fucked that bbc??!???
by Wank stain112 November 27, 2016
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Big black cock. Mostly used for porn purposes
by March 28, 2022
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Big Block Celica

A Toyota Celica equipped with the 2.2L 5S-FE engine
damn that bbc is clean af
by copen_mechanism August 19, 2021
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BBC stands for Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation which consists of a bunch of lying bustards who spread utter scaremongering propaganda in order to elicit public belief on their ideologies or their policies.
by Mellon Collie May 2, 2021
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