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guy 1: dude, she seriously needs some COLLEGE COCK. i bet she goes on the sports website, looks up our basketball team, and fantasizes about getting BIG, BLACK, BASKETBALL COCK (bbbc).
by tennisss March 22, 2010
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Stands for Big Black Box Chevy. heard in Durrough's song "Ice Cream Paint Job". Usually an 80's model Chevrolet sedan sittin on 24's or better. May have switches or bags.
"damn cuz peep that BBBC rollin down tha street. That things flossed out"
by YGbodybuilder10 February 18, 2010
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Acronym for Brown Biker Busa Club. A growing membership of Hayabusa owners that, visibility wise, represent a predominant nationality. "Brown" being from locations near India, west India, Asia, Jamacian, South America, etc.
1. Ram is a BBBC member, don't eff with him.

2. The BBBC is hardcore, faster on their Busa than any other SuperSport bike.
by Car2Slo May 14, 2010
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