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Similar to a booty call, but a more tactful euphemism in a committed relationship. When the maximum allowed time has passed without having sex, either by appointment or by arbitrary desires. Should be looked forward to in a healthy relationship.
1a. "You've been out there all day, it's time to get inside!"
1b. "Sorry guys, I gotta go- it's my curfew."

2. "I better be upstairs and naked by 10 tonight or I'll miss my curfew!"
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by Royal Toulouse June 16, 2018
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a defined time or restriction.
not allowed at a certain time.
"I'm not allowed, I have to be home by 10"

is like saying

"I'm not allowed, my curfew is 10."
by conor neufeild May 22, 2006
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A time that my parents expect me home on Friday and Saturday nights.
Parents: go have fun with friends and don't forget your curfew is 12am.

Me: ok I'll be back by 12am.
by December 27, 2016
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curfew; a frustrating limit or restriction imposed upon children by parental units or other authoritative figures of with equal or great power.
"Wanna hang later?"

Yeah, but I gotta 11 o clock curfew.

"Sucks for you....."
by Jzkuhler April 09, 2010
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