Short for the reality show, 'Big Brother'. Used mostly in the internet community, on forums dedicated to the show.

Big Brother is a competition reality show where 12-16 contestants compete for the grand prize of 500,000 dollars.

They compete for HOH - head of household (nominates two houseguests for eviction), POV - power of veto (to save themselves from eviction), and in food competitions or else they go on slop - a disgusting concoction, that looks like oatmeal but tastes nothing like it.

The winner is decided by a jury of 7 evicted houseguests.

BB U.S is currently about to start it's 10th season of the show, but the show has editions all around the world and originally started in the Netherlands.
Hey, are you excited for the BB10? It starts on July 13th, 2008!!
by yerfdaaaawwwgsta July 10, 2008
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A short version of "brown butthole." the phrase focuses on the pigmentation of the anus, as either a splendid or horrid visual. The phrase is gender and sexuality neutral.
Hey dude, your girlfriend, does she have a BB?
by thor's wild dance June 24, 2009
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Short for British Boy and/or British Bastard.
Why is it that these BB's always think they're better than us?
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
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