very small and tight female shorts, which allow you to see a womans butt cheeks (batty) hence the name
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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Homosexual men who actively participate in the art of goujing ones cock into another mans rass.

-see gouj
-see rass
Charlie is Frank's batty rider.
by crazy joont March 16, 2003
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A man that is a Goujing at a another mans rectum
by Joont March 16, 2003
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Caribbean (esp. Jamaican) term for very small and tight shorts worn by women, which show the woman's butt (the batti)
Wow you can see her ass in those batti riders.
by TheDiccionario September 9, 2008
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1. A general insult one may use to offend another during a "cuss fight" or simply just to insult them.

2. A term referring usually to a homosexual who indulges in what may be considered gay activity with other males.

3. Anyone who has anal sex with another, irrespective of their gender.
She was a proper batty rider, the way she was going at him.
by Intellectualboy April 28, 2009
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