the last major offensive of the german SS takeing place in the Ardennes forest where the germans sourrounded the 101st Airborne division near the town of Bastonge and where Anthony McAliff made his famous remark of "NUTS," Also this is where the Waffen SS killed many American prisonors.
German soldier, "Surrender"
McAluff "NUTS"
McAluff's fanous response at the battle of the bulge
by deathstars April 30, 2008
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when you are in class or another public place and a sexually attractive girl causes you to get an erection, and you attempt to keep it hidden to avoid embarassment
I was in class today when Michelle walked by in her short shorts. It was the battle of the bulge, big time.
by dboyfromdahood March 6, 2013
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When one's trouser's surface rises above "sea level".

The result of one's sexual arousal.
Little did I know it, but he was experiencing a Battle of the Bulge as he looked me over.
by Kero-kun June 24, 2007
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The continual battle that overweight people have against excess fat.
I'm 10 kilos overweight - I have an ongoing battle of the bulge.
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A decisive battle during the Second World War in which, surrounded, American troops sent out underwear model Richard Couverant to engage in one-on-one combat with model Heinrich Herzog. The bout culminated in a sword fight between their semi-erect Wilhelms. Upon seeing this, American general Anthony McAuliffe responded with a succinct: "Nuts." The win was a gamechanger for the Americans, who coerced the Germans into signing an agreement that not only would the war end, but that the DeutscheBescheidenheit Kompanie would be renamed to Calvin-Klein, a name chosen for it's being "a little American; a little German." Acclaimed war photographer Robert Capa was scheduled to shoot the event but was rebooked by clients in Normandy. In lieu of him, the military hired fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Unfortunately, to preserve the fighters' integrity, the treaty required the negatives to be burnt. Despite this, the event is survived in print due to a soldier who totally snuck a pic while no one was looking.
Sexually repressed Southerners often enjoy reenacting the Battle of the Bulge.
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When two or more ladies fight to the death over your dick.
You hear about the party last night? There was a Battle of the Bulge with five womanz!
by elbissopmi June 7, 2019
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the attempt to keep ones waistline normal(from a WWII battle)
This time I am winning the Battle of the Bulge.
by Light Joker June 1, 2005
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