to be completely fresh
my outfit for the party is bathin girl. i just bought it at the mall.
by kimii August 7, 2007
originally knock off air force ones, now have become popular after soljay boys song i got me some bapes. Made in Japan,A.K.A Bapes
by J3wbag3l December 9, 2006
Shoes that cause haterz to get mad at soulja boy
Soulja Boy: Whats hannenin?!

Hater: you bastard, you have bathin apes

Soulja Boy: Haterz gettin mad cuz, i got me some bathin apes
by whozey December 24, 2007
Knockoff Forces that somehow became trendy.

The equivalent of Wal-Mart shoes, with ugly plastic colors all over them, and the star from the old NBC "The More You Know" PSA's.

Also known as: BAPES
"Did you see that dumb-ass rapper with the BAPES?" "I guess Bathin' Apes are the only thing that nigga could afford."

"I got me some BAPES for tacky day during homecoming week."
by Soulja Boy Tell 'em August 7, 2008
A ghetto shoe and clothing company originated from Japan. Used in "Soulja Boy's" "Crank That" "Haterz get mad cuz i got me some bathin' apes"
by jew jew bean September 27, 2007
'haterz gettin mad cuz i got me some bathin' apes'--soulja boy
by hIphOpnIcoLE August 6, 2007
the rare occurance of african americans bathing.
"yo man i just hit up the spa found me some bathin apes"
by danelmag September 26, 2007