a girl that wears excessive makeup to cover up her horrendous facial features. they are called bath bombs because once you take them out on a date on any source of water (pool, lake) their makeup collapses in a similar fashion to a bath bomb
wesley: "damn bro have u seen carmen's new instagram post? she got her titties showin out and everything!"
justin: "nigga shes a bath bomb"
wesley: "how??"
justin: "take her to the pool and watch her turn into a fuckin zombie when all her makeup fades"
by monstasEVERYWHERR February 27, 2023
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Things you put in your bath so it can change color and smell nice.
my bath is so boring
*adds bath bombs*
wow so nice and relaxing
by XOXO, IG May 31, 2019
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A stupid thing that fizzes in a bath, and girls post on there Snapchat story thinking people actually care, but in reality nobody gives a fuck about them!
by Oofdaddy69 February 4, 2018
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The act of defecating while an unsuspecting victim is in the shower and leaving the prize there for the victim to enjoy.
Dude, hear that? It's Ram enjoying the bath bomb I just left for him.
by duis July 24, 2010
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When 2 boys share the same bath and when one of them reaches over to get the 'soap', he accidently slips on the other boys penis, due to the impact a lot of lube is required.
If a ginger says to his next door neighbour "come and have a bath bomb with me"
by Christoforge May 2, 2011
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A colorful piece of shit that thirsty-ass hoes put in their baths and post on their Snapchat story in an attempt to get some dick. No one gives a damn, but bitches gotta do it to stay trendy.
“Did you see Kendra’s Story last night? It had a Bath Bomb.” “Wow she’s really hit a new low.”
by OofM8 February 27, 2018
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A bath bomb is what happens when you get piss drunk, pass out in the bathtub and shit yourself.
Holy, Adam had a bath bomb and there is shit everywhere!
by Nhoolah July 31, 2018
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