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a person that stomps around while unleashing hideous farts. Queefs, while normally used to describe gases expelled from vaginas, in this case are used to describe the bastardo that think it's cool to fart openly and nastily.
K-Man: God damn you fucking queefmonger, if I smell one more stinky fart from you I will kill your unborn children with a flick of my wrist.
Jameson: You're going to give me a handjob?
K-Man: No, you fuckwad, I'm referring to the crushing blow your left testicle's about to incur if you expel your gaseous horribalus in my sector one more time.
by Dykatami March 17, 2010

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when a man hits another man in the penis and/or testicles with a quick flick of the hand and wrist.
Jameson: You stole my chair!
Kevin: Fuck off.
Jameson: Feel the wrath of the dodi tap!
Kevin: Oh god, my unborn children!
Jameson: Walk it off bastardo.
by Dykatami March 17, 2010

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a noun, used to describe someone that's a bastard and a retard. It's used as in insult against idiots, and should not be used against mentally challenged persons who don't know their father.
Lucy: Ricardo, you fucking bastardo. I hate it when you queefmonger while I'm playing Call of Duty.
Ricardo: I wish you would pay attention to me. I queefmonger because I need love.
Lucy: Maybe I'd love you if you weren't such a premature ejaculator, you bastardo!
by Dykatami March 17, 2010

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