a sexual position where in doggy style the man puts his knee on the small of the womans back, reaches over and fishhooks her and pulls back like he is trying to reel in a fish.
Ray: Hey Evan why is your finger all messed up?

Ben: Oh you didnt hear?!?!?!

Evan: She bit my finger mid bass master.
by erkwon August 16, 2008
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one who has the abillity to concure bass in any lake without being in a touniment. it is simply just having the skill to find and catch bass without fish finders or high tech gear, just instinct and a good rod, reel and knowing what lures to use to go with it. really if you love bass fishing that much that it makes you happy then you truly are a bass master
look at that lunker earl caught, he truly is a bass master
by david the bravid July 26, 2005
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A female who will constantly put herself down or be over-modest to fish and shimmy for a compliment out of a male counterpart.
DEBBIE: This shirt makes me look ugly, I can't believe i wore this to the movies...
MIKE: 'The Dark Knight' was really good.
DEBBIE: I wish i didn't look so ugly right now...
DEBBIE: ..you think I'm ugly right now?
MIKE: No. I told you that you looked good three times already, stop being such a damn Bass Master you cunt!
*Mike smacks Debbie*
by Jonnie C. July 23, 2008
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One who plays bass guitar with such skill and presence that their style appears as that of a martial art. Could theoretically be used in a fight. Typically unorthodox, self-taught, and heavy-handed.
Jamus: Wow, dude, you swing that bass around like a weapon!

Zach: Yeah man, gotta keep the crowd back.

Jamus: You're a goddamn Shaolin Bass Master!
by SharkBass028 June 04, 2011
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