Basically these are collector items in the vein of Pokemon Cards and Magic Cards, but predates all card based collectables. Like magic and pokemon cards, baseball cards contain statistics, but unlike magic and pokemon cards, the players with which these statistics refer to are real and not imaginary like players dipicted in magic and pokemon, which are made up to serve gaming purposes. Thus, baseball cards are not gaming cards and serve only to amuse and pleasure those who love baseball and their players (See keedon, baseball).
That damn keedon got so obsessed with getting that Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card that he flunked his midterms and got me to do his homework. Damn him and his obsession with baseball cards!!! (See keedon).
by Dean Truong November 4, 2005
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baseball cards is code word for getting absolutely shit faced whilst drinking white claws, because there is no laws when you are drinking claws.
"hey Gio stop fucking the cat you've had too many baseball cards"
by ILOVEWHITECLAW September 9, 2019
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What every little boy collects at one point.
Get Jared Weaver baseball cards now, cuz in 50 years they'll be worth a fortune!
by Spikesy July 15, 2006
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DIRTY PICTURES sent through texting, email or wallet sized
When you send someone a picture is it like sending them a baseball card; like this is what I look like when I'm playing and these are my stats.

There are different level or baseball cards ranging from little league to major league:

Little league; face, full clothed, and mirror snap shots of the day to day.

High school cards; about to go out with friends and looking really good. Maybe showing a little something but nothing that mom couldn't see.

Rookie cards; the rare gems when you are not showing to much but its still a knock out.

Major league; RAW and ridiculous Nuff said. Everyone has them and everyone can make them.
by Vig Monster August 17, 2011
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The state of an adult possessing many thousands of once valuable, now worthless baseball cards. The burden carrier is cursed with holding a sliver of false hope that the cards will one day become worth something. So, the burden carrier must keep them in "mint" condition(not in the attic or basement where space is abundant) No, the burden-afflicted takes-up large amounts of climate-controlled prime closet space with this mass of what amounts to thousands of glossy toilet paper squares. The burden also weighs heavy in domestic squabbles. If your wife asks you why those cards are taking-up half of the closet, you can say nothing. There is no defense. They are the quivalent of a Precious Moments Burden for women.
"I really would like to buy that new coat. But if I do, I will have to get rid of my vacuum cleaner to make space in the closet" "Such is life with the baseball card burden"
by Ace Binkley January 10, 2006
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