Used to describe large amounts of a particular item, for example; That is very huge would become; That's bare huge.
The lorry has bare wheels.
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by Jagger20164 December 05, 2016
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Bare: This means that there is alot , or a large amount of something. It is classic slang were the word means the complete opposite of itself for example wicked (i know how old is that) but wicked oridginaly meant somthing bad
"There are bare shortys here tonight"
by JaKiE B April 27, 2006
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bare basically meanz alot of or many itz a slang word originating from the west side of london (southall, hayes , ealing, greenford, but alot of ppl use it in brixton too)
'there was bare buff boyz on that train'

'i got bare enemies
by Sonia_Uk September 19, 2003
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