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An ancient Middle Eastern word, meaning "a blessing" or "breath of life".
Also the eponymous title of a most excellent Ron Fricke film (1992).
The sun's colours at the break of dawn this morning were baraka.
by Falcon42 April 18, 2004
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He is a character from Mortal Kombat II. Baraka belongs to a nomadic race of mutants living in the wastelands of the outworld. His fighting skills gained the attention of Shao Kahn who recruited him into his army. He led the attack against Liu Kang's Shaolin temple. Known for his unpredictable actions and wild fits of anger Baraka goes on a rampage. But even his attacks on the chosen warriors would not be enough to stop them from defeating the outworld warriors in the second new Mortal Kombat tournament. Baraka returns alive during Shao Kahn's invasion. He was send by Shao Kahn to quell the uprising of a renegade race in Outworld's lower regions. After his victorious battle, the nomadic warrior returned to fight on the side of villainy. Under the guidance of Shao Kahn he would once again pose a formidable threat to his earthen counter parts. When Baraka's failure to apprehend several earth warriors nearly results in Shao Kahn's demise, the nomad finds himself fearing for his own life. He falls out of favor with his emperor, and realizes that it's only a matter of time before Kahn enacts revenge. But Baraka remains loyal, believing that the earth warriors would soon be defeated. But when Kahn is defeated he escapes back into the nomadic ruins from which he came, again fearing for his existence.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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Baraka a girl with a big heart and positivity all around.she is an angle with a smile and a laugh oh her all the time. Baraka is only one of a kind. She often likes to crack up jokes hear and there even if there not that funny she tries. She like to think and have a positive mind always. She has a smile on her face and it never comes off. Baraka likes to be friendly and sweet and forgiving to others. So if you spot a baraka be friends with her and get to know her cause if you lose her you will regret it.
by The best words November 11, 2018
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Related to definition 2 above, this Arabic word as adopted by the French Foreign Legion in North Africa meant "wild luck." This usage then spread to France.
"The Foreign Legion's baraka ran out at Dien Bien Phu."
by JLloydL December 24, 2006
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Something that is refutable to your status, in other words, something that can alter your reputation in any social standard.
"Why did you touch my water bed? Thats baraka."
"You going as Nala from the Lion King to the party, is baraka"
"Arrr, tis I a pirate from Space. I plunder and mumble. Will you suckle my knuckle? If not, then youre baraka."
by Ziggack October 30, 2005
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