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A grindcore band with extremely offensive lyrics and screaming jiberish vocals!!! Formed in 1988 Anal Cunt is a Seth Putnam project.
An Anal Cunt song:


you fucking jew
you wanted to save 50 bucks
you were too cheap to fly delta
now you're an alligator's lunch

find your early graves in the everglades-valujet,valujet
over prices you did quibble now the alligators nibble-valujet,valujet
hitler should've thought of it now you're alligator shit-valujet,valujet
you stupid fucking jew you should'nt have flew-valujet,valujet

are you a jew
or just fucking gay
too cheap to fly delta
or t.w.a.


at least the plane was filled,with white trash ,jews,and blacks
now you're valujet alligator snacks

by Karim Al-Basiel October 01, 2005
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1.To Drink a 40 and get uber stoned while listening to a crack rock steady beat.
2. To get skanked(stoned and tanked)
stza: Fallin prey to drugs, sportin body bugs, Rock the 420oz, its the change that counts
by Karim Al-Basiel August 13, 2005
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Any cheap car, especialy Asian, that has been "upgraded" with after-market parts(exaust, body kits, nitrous, spoilers, speakers, lights, etc...)in an attempt to make it faster and/or "pimpin".
In reality, instead of making a car better, "ricing it up" makes it utterly and completly gay. Rice cars are easily beaten in races by American and European sports cars. Also, anyone who owns a rice car is looked down upon and seen as shameful by non-ricers. Rice cars are typically driven by young lower and middle class Asians, Hispanics, whiteboys and even some African Americans.
My GTO has a 400 hp engine factory. All it does is beat up on ricers all day long.
Ricers beware!!!!
by Karim Al-Basiel August 07, 2005
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Doing Something in a a very fast manor, especially driving.
That Mexican Ricer was Bawnzing down A hill, when suddenly he crashed into gas station!
by Karim Al-Basiel August 09, 2005
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1. One of the three most kick ass American cars ever created. The Trans Am and the Corvette are the other two.
2. The anti-rice car.
When i have my GTO turbo charged it will have over 500 horse power. Watch out ricers, your ass is gonna be really sour pretty soon.
by Karim Al-Basiel August 10, 2005
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Not a moustche not a beard. A thin layer of soft hair similar to that on the arms that grows on the faces of adolescents and some unfortunate women
shave it off!
well i see too many of them walking around dirt on their face no hair to be found well they walk in malls and they walk in packs dirt on their lip and we can't have that, smoke look rough, look bad, look mean this media-tough kid only about 13 where the hell is mom, where the hell is pop get a razor blade this has gotta stop

dirt lip shave it off dirt lip it's gotta stop dirt lip just wait five years it's not a mustache, it's not a beard

when i was a headbanger i got beat up five dirt lips yeah that was enough well i guess by now my mind's gone wack my friends say man you just gotta relax, soap helps dirt helps you keep clean to end dirt lips is now my dream if you see one walk by well just give 'em a smack i'll shave their lips and i'll shave their back

dirt lip shave it off dirt lip it's gotta stop dirt lip just wait five years it's not a mustache, it's not a beard

well i always wonder if they see it at all if they comb or groom it or just think it's bald, cause the hair on your lip is like the hair on my arm it's like the hair on a mole, so don't act so alarmed dirt lips taken all size and shape they can start at 9 and cover any age burn it, bleach it, nair it or just masking tape, just get rid of it all it's not too late

dirt lip shave it off dirt lip it's gotta stop dirt lip just wait five years it's not a mustache, it's not a beard
by Karim Al-Basiel August 13, 2005
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