Its when you fuck someone so hard, that the impact of your bodies against each others makes a loud thunderous sound
Timmy: Suzy and I thunder banged last night and the neighbors got freaked out, they thought there was a storm coming.
by Voidaid February 19, 2016
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My friend's favourite porn. It involves a chest, male or female, and a whole lot of shitting on said chest.
Seb: "Aww man, I came so hard last night!"
Joe: "What were you jacking it to?"
Seb: "Oh you know, Some Titty Shitty Bang Bang!"
by XenosCore April 10, 2018
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Toast bang: the amount of time it takes to brown a piece of toast (usually 45secs to 90secs) in equivalence to how long it takes fucking the shit out of someone
Girl your so hot i would toast bang you!

So honey we don't have that much time. ....wanna toast bang?
I would toast bang the shit out of you!
by Weenieleaks May 26, 2017
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Turbo Banging (verb): The act of having sexual relations with someone in a rough and turbocharged manor. Getting fired up and expelling all your energy into repeated hard thrusts.
"I turbo banged Meghan so hard last night she wont walk straight for a week!"

"Turbo banging is how I roll'
by eastcoastlifestyle January 21, 2016
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to have sex with a Southerner(person who lives in the South-Eastern part of the United States)
a girl came down from New York to a concert in Mississippi and ended up having sex with a local guy. When she got home she said to her friends, "Damn, you need to go down South and have a Twang-bang, it blew my mind."
by irate April 09, 2014
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When you tried to downgrade your PS4, to instead end up on the highest version.
Dude, why don't you use hacks on PS4?
I can't, I Umar banged it on accident lately.
by kazookid0 April 07, 2017
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