The little brown part at the bottom of a banana that no one in their right mind eats.
Only monkeys eat the bananus.
by thlayli February 2, 2003
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The end part of a banana normally possessing a brown vein through the pulp of the fruit. The brown vein, (resembling poop), determines this is the export end of the banana, else known on other beings as being the anus. Hence, bananus.
Would you like the rest of my banana? No thank you, even the dog doesn't eat the bananus.
by Urban Gravity August 17, 2011
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the seed, err the nasty black tip of the banana, duh
oh shit you did not just eat the bananus!
by cirelledo May 6, 2015
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the bottom end of the banana which everyone takes off and nobody enjoys to eat a.k.a the butt of the banana
Justin: dude this banana is so good
Mitchell: i agree but i don't like the bottom of it
Justin: yeah we should call it something
Mitchell: but what should we call it
Justin: oh! I know lets call it the bananus!
narrator: and thus a word is born
by dude_sick221waste April 8, 2009
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Inserting your finger into the end of a banana will produce a bananus, from which you can split the banana into three even sections.
Be gentle sticking your finger in the bananus or you may cause a tear.
by Kelly_ August 23, 2006
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to insert banana into rectum and mush to create a mashed bananus. one of the dispicable acts that are mentioned under Zzaman, or Zza.

also to use a banana as a buttplug.
my freind love to take banana in the anus we call him bananus.
hes such a bananus

you love bananus

Zza has had that bananus in his ass all day, i dont know why he dont just use a buttplug like a normal ass streacher
by the devilsownhell March 18, 2011
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Making a bet involving shoving a banana up your ass and losing but following through on that promise nonetheless.
May 25,2021 u/Rick_Of_Spades made a bet on r/Superstonk that if GME closed above $200 he would shove a banana up his ass🍌🍑.

GME closed above $200 and he delivered on his promise shoving a banana into his bananus.
by u/Patty8mack June 19, 2021
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