what a homosexual man calls his "partner"
My banana-buddy and I are going to the health store tonight, anyone want to join us?
by purple hooded yogurt shooter August 31, 2004
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A tricky one. In the jock world, this refers to a protein shake with a banana blended in.

However, a notable non-jock, one K-Settle employs the term to refer to his fondess for fruital experimentation.
Jock: Man that was a tough workout, I'm gonna need a banana-buddy fairly sharpish to fuel my muscles.

K-Settle: Has anyone seen my banana-buddy? I need to muscle in up my fuel pipe.
by Easy Rider August 29, 2004
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The female equivalent to “Eskimo bro’s”. Two people (especially women) who have been penetrated by the same man.
Sarah is having sex with my ex, I didn’t think I would have a new banana buddy so soon.
by Swardson November 4, 2019
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kinda like tunnel brothers except for girls. if two girls fuck the same guy, they become banana buddies.
"so you fucked jake? because i did too" "yeah stacey. i fucked jake. this makes us banana buddies."
by TheRealBlondeJesus October 26, 2017
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