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Banana nut bread is a sexual act that requires three things. Requirement one is a man with a curved penis, the banana. The second is a woman with an active yeast infection, the bread. The third requirement is that the man must have sex with the woman and ejaculate inside her vagina, the nut. Banana nut bread.
.... and she had a yeast infection so I finally got to do the banana nut bread! Now I have this weird rash though....
by Rupert the great! October 14, 2016
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Money Made From any kind of hustle
"I made 5 loafs (5 stacks) of Banana Nut Bread last night, on da southside..."

"she works the pole everynight bakin that banana nut cant hate that.."
by Mr. Nv (45th Productions) January 01, 2009
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