some who is nice and kind not always good looking but some you can trust and tell things to and know they wont tell anyone and is always willing to help
i sorted my life out with a total bamford
by little-dudeyyyyyy January 22, 2011
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arogant cow usually has the first name sarah
did u see that bitch what a bamford
by JesseF September 10, 2006
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Denim trousers that are super short and super tight.
Guy #1: hey we have to dress formal for tonights party
Guy#2: not sure mate.. ill be rockin me bamfords
Guy#1: i take that as a no then
by Ooodatsme February 25, 2017
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a breath of fresh air to the dane-cook polluted air of modern american comedy. she is quirky, dark, extremely witty, observational and obnoxiously adorable with her blonde hair and child-like voice. she does not necessarily stick to the classic joke-to-punchline formula but instead relies on storytelling using her unique voices. a shape-shifter of sorts, the bammer is able to drastically change her normal high voice into more masculine, mature, raspy, etc. etc...voices; her most honed and popular impressions would be that of her parents and sister. she suffers from ocd, depression, anxiety which she works into her act. she lives with her eleven year old pug and "wife-partner" blossom. she has a hilarious one-woman sitcom on in which she plays every part and she was also apart of patton oswalt's "comedians of comedy" tour. the bammer is basically a goddess of indie comedy.
"dude have you seen the maria bamford show on"
"totally. amy sleverson is the shit."
by elnewton October 06, 2008
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An excellent all girls school consisting of grades K-12. The academics are superior to many other schools and its exquisite curriculum contributes to amazing graduating classes with students ending up in schools like Brown, Harvard and Yale.
Nightingale Bamford School is a wonderful place

See definition at Wikipedia
by minturn November 19, 2007
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The Nightingale Bamford School is one of the best schools in the United States. It is located on the upper east side of New York City. All though the show Gossip Girls is based on this school, the actual school is nothing like the show. Nightingale is a great all girls school full of rich and beautiful but not snobby girls. 9 out of 10 guys say Nightingale girls are the best in bed and the best to marry. The girls there are very smart and have great humor due to the great teachers there.
"Look at that girl,she's so beautiful and graceful and well-poised"

"Well duh,she goes to THE Nightingale Bamford School"
by natnyc94 August 25, 2008
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A hoity-toity, all girls private school on the Upper East Side. The girls who go there are intimidatingly endowed with money, brains, and beauty.
The popular show Gossip Girl is based on the lives of nightingale's students
How can you tell she goes to nightingale bamford?
cuz she's a super model going to princeton
by chicablica January 24, 2008
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