When you accidentally eat your mom. Or when you poop your pants in math class.
example 1: oops, I did a big baloney lol XD UwU.
example 2: oh no, I big balonied in my pants :(
by jimboglimbo2345678 April 16, 2019
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A male phallus. The Oscar Meyer pole. The Bacon Torpedoe.
Your mom is such a freak! She smoked my Baloney Pony while my nuts rested in her eye sockets!!!!!
by Rod Mack July 19, 2003
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Slang - The prepuce or foreskin of a penis.

Alt. spelling: "boner-bologna"
That gentleman possesses enough boner-baloney to open a deli.
by Ghostronaut September 22, 2012
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Max: How was that new porno you watched with your parents the other day?
Colby: It was great! I had a Frozen Baloney the whole time
by Machine Gun Alt June 17, 2014
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An all meat, all cheese delicacy made with alternating layers of cream cheese and slices of bologna sausage. Five layers of each is considered the nominal amount for a proper pie.
That baloney pie they make southern Connecticut is off the hook.
by E.trick.e June 16, 2008
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Baloney Fart is when someone is lazy as hell as eats nothing but cheap supermarket cold cuts laced with nitrogen. The nitrogen in the cold cuts acts as an accelerant for propelling the rot of "mystery meat" from the farter's anus and makes for major mayhem.
Yo! Weasel tore ass with another one of his trademarked baloney farts.
by nyctaoist May 29, 2008
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