A term referring to the rotating governors used on steam locomotives and related steam engines such as tractors. The brass balls acted as weights on the end of linkages, and rotated with the increase in RPM of the engine. As speeds rose, the balls swung outwards, rising on the linkages. At a pre-set height, the release valve would engage, lowering steam pressure and reining in the RPM to the allowable maximum. The balls rose towards the firewall and/or the walls of the cab., hence the term.
The Union Pacific Freight roared across the Kansas night, balls to the wall.
by Larry Grosfield May 29, 2008
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Originally a military term for pushing maximum G-Forces in a jetfighter aircraft, as in pushing the ball of a throttle as high up as it will go (virtually touching the wall of the dashboard).

Fast; hectic; pushed to the limits
We hit the road, balls to the wall; The fighter let loose on his opponent, balls to the wall.
by Greg Novak November 15, 2003
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Overconfidence in something.

Jack Pirogue made a bet in a bar in Cincinnati that he would make 2 of 3 darts into the double bullseye or his friends could mail his balls to the wall. He did not make the throws and had his ballsack cut off and nailed to the bar, coincidentally named Jack's. To this day if you go to the bar you can see a leathery dried up ballsack nailed to the wall.
Jack is crazy. He bet nailing his balls to the wall he could make that shot.
by GimpyMcGimpo May 29, 2020
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When you take a risk, or doing something that you normally would be not inclined to do; doing something dangerous some may see as foolish or 'crazy'; just doing 'it'
When crossing a busy street to meet his friends, Ian saw a truck coming at him at a high velocity, instead of stopping and waiting for the truck to pass by, Ian decided to go balls to the walls and cross the street anyway, impressing the friends he was trying to catch up with.
by Omega_Pirate December 26, 2006
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It's all or nothing. There is not turning back. Reach down, dig for the biggest pair you can find, and go!
Okay Ted, there are close to 15 guys behind those hedges, and two of us. Balls to the wall time. Lets go.
by Regainer May 16, 2011
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A phrase that means to go all out on something. To give it your all and go nuts with it.
"Kyle was so drunk last night."
"Yeah, he went balls to the wall."
by Kyle Rainey February 02, 2006
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