A phrase that means to go all out on something. To give it your all and go nuts with it.
"Kyle was so drunk last night."
"Yeah, he went balls to the wall."
by Kyle Rainey February 3, 2006
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When you fuck standing up, with the chick's back up against the wall and her legs wrapped around your hips, and you're fucking her so hard your balls are swinging and hitting up against the wall.
That chick is so hot I'm going balls to the wall on her tonight!
by John Steele 69 March 5, 2016
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Not with the gay connotation, "balls to the wall" denotes really exerting yourself to the point of extreme involvement.
We have to get this shit done NOW!!! We need to go balls to the wall on it!
by the rilz February 23, 2010
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Radical male homosexual underground nightclubs are rumored to have holes in the bathroom stall walls, through which a horny man would shove his erect penis, in hopes that a stranger in the next stall would give him fellatio. The hole was nicknamed the "glory hole". The horny man literally goes "balls to the wall" and hopes for glory. Participating so carelessly in a sexual act with a stranger who also participates carelessly in sexual acts with complete strangers is an profoundly extreme act in an age so rampant with venereal disease. The term is now used colloquially to refer to taking ANY action to its most extreme limit. The phrase is now synonymous with "taking it to the extreme limit" or "going as far as you can go" or... "going balls to the wall".
I was so horny and alone in the stall. I had to go balls to the wall and hope for glory!
by psychoticartists January 30, 2010
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