krunk or the total opposite of krunk
1. Man that b-ball move was balls as ass or y u trippinthat was balls as ass.
by nappyroots August 28, 2006
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Often used as an exclamation, also in situations of frustration, anger and in moments when one makes mistakes or has an accident.
Guy 1 - "Can you get me some water before I smoke my bong?"
-gets up and knocks over bong"
Guy 2 - "BALLS AND ASS. You knocked a packed bong over."
by ______A. January 14, 2012
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To be busy. As in if a line of men represented the activities, the men would be balls to ass
I don't even have time for a blow-job this weekend my schedule is so balls-to-ass.
by detroitsuperstar October 18, 2013
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a terrible situation that has no redeeming qualities
person1: hey look! that mexican put stickers all over his car like it's a friggin Hot Wheel!
person2: THAT is just balls and ass walking.
person1: i know, right?
by dasproteus June 6, 2009
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"Man did you see that guy lose in Mario Party 3?"
"Yeah, what a Ball Sack Ass Nigga."
by Saiminjutsu May 25, 2019
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A holiday that servers as a reminder to the NSFW video of a man farting out his own testicles, typically celebrated on November 23rd.
Man, did you know that National Balls in Ass Day is celebrated on the same day as Toms birthday?
by RcM7034 February 2, 2022
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When something is both Baller status and Bad ass
Baller Status Meaning: Somebody who is recognized as Popular and also of what they have done. Being Baller gives you more power over a lot of people

Bad Ass Meaning: Awesome in every way
Dude! I just made a shot from half court with my eyes closed behind my back." "Dude thats hella ball ass"
by Icy20104 October 11, 2010
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