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A synonym of cock block. When someone baller blocks you they are hindering your attempt to get your mack on with a member of the opposite sex. This heinous crime is punishable by castration, Chinese water torture, slow painful death, or community service.
Todd: "Man last night was a bitch. I was trying to work my game on that hot chick from the PR department, but some asshole was hanging all over her the entire night. Total baller blockage."
Luke: "That was her husband, dude."
Todd: "Still, what would it hurt him to let her take a couple of rides on my jock? I had to go home and spank it to the newspaper lingerie ads again."
Luke: "You sure do that a lot. You must have some killer chafing going on."
Todd: "Man, you have no idea."
by Nick D August 30, 2004
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