That one dude go gets paid every day, is the man of the house
Teacher: what does your dad do for a living
Laurie: he's a baller
Teacher: huh?

Laurie: he be ballin err day
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by LittleLaurie April 24, 2020
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1. A person who plays, and is very successful in basketball.
2. A person who finds success and wealth. The source of income is usually unknown by others, but can tell wealth by the "baller's" attire and usually cocky attitude.
Did you see that baller who just sped by in that 'vette?
by Mephisto June 12, 2003
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2 grams/ £20 worth, generally used when buying weed
Youth - yo can i get a baller at top park
Shotta - sure g gimme 5
by Pierz January 22, 2019
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Etymology: Middle English 'bal', from Old Norse 'bollr' and akin to Old High German 'balla'; combined with the commin suffix 'er' denoting one that does or performs (a specified action)

Therefore, a baller is, literally, 'one who balls'

Other connotations of the word include:

1. One who exhibits a consistent proficency at-, or exuberant love for the game of basketball.
2. One whose person has been fully and successfully established in numerous social circles (esp. one who is extremely popular with both the male and female members of any given social group)
3. One whose status in society has been earned by one's possession of "game" (that is, proficiency at the game of life)

1. Exhibiting those qualitites of a baller; not limited to the description of a person, 'baller' may be used to describe any place, thing or situation.
1. "Kobe Bryant... now THAT kid's a baller"
2. "Wanna be a baller, shot caller, twenty inch blades on the impala, caller getting laid tonight..."
3. "Hey yo! Don't let nobody else up in this booth. I see nothing but gansters up in here, I see nothing but ballers up in here..."

1. "This Sh*t is baller"

Suburbanation of 'Baller':
"Wow, that man is really quite 'on the ball'."
by TJ June 11, 2004
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Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.
That is so damn baller!
by Keezy May 06, 2003
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Baller: n. (sometimes pronounced as balla) balling:v. (sometimes pronounced as ballin'): One who retains a questionable amount of wealth and is thoroughly comfortable flaunting it. The form of wealth commonly recognized is cash, although it can be lucratively displayed in other forms such as brand name cars, pricey watches, and women with greater scale of beauty than the "baller" him/herself. A baller may or may not produce wealth illegally. It is common that a more serious and dominative attitude is evident amongst this person. Usually this type of persona is taken on to compensate for a lack of confidence or a void that is unknown and developed during childhood.
Oh man he's so ballin'! Can I get that baller's number?
by Make_it_rain March 30, 2011
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