The act of jacking off or ejaculation.

Referring to your penis as the "bald man"
Friend- "Hey bro you want to go to the movies tonight?"

You- " Yeah! Lets see Harry Potter so i can Make the bald man cry!!
by ganjaaaaa July 17, 2009
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soaping up the womans pubs and getting over the bald man and letting her wash his head with her soapy"kitten".
Oh wow my bald mans wash was amazing!
by oogelle January 16, 2010
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LOU COLLAZO the NJROTC instructor that’s annoying but yet meme worthy
Bald Navy man who is in charge of a retarded NJROTC Unit
by Baldnavyman January 30, 2020
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A man who 14 and ping spoof hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaahahahahhahahhahahahahahaha bald
by Diagnosedwithbald September 19, 2021
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- What were you doing last night?
- meh... nothing
- I bet you were chasing a bald man!
by Captain Baldman February 15, 2022
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Guy: Have you ever met a one eyed bald man in a turtleneck?
Chick: no... Why?
Guy: Because you are tonight
by March 29, 2017
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