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Japanese word "Baka" means idiot, fool and stupid, everything along those lines. every other definition people are using the sentences with english.
Anata wa baka desu
(You are an idiot/fool)
Way to not mix languages noobs
by Ben Ton June 26, 2005
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A: What does Baka mean?
B: Idiot
A: You're a dick.
B: No, it means idiot/fool/stupid in Japanese, you baka!
via giphy
by XChristinaXx August 08, 2017
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Japanese for "stupid," "idiot," or "fool." One of the most common Japanese words used by many American fans who actually think they have the concept of the Japanese language,
by SoHumHallelujah July 04, 2009
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In Japanese, it means something along the term of "idiot" or "fool"

In Tagalog (australian-filipino language), it means "cow"
J: you don't know how to open a book!?BAKA!

T: go walk across the field to milk the baka. I don't care if there's a thunderstorm!
by Gan Ning324 February 02, 2005
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adj. - means "stupid" or "idiotic" in Japanese. Sometimes confused as a noun to mean "idiot", which is expressed as "baka-me" or "baka-yaro".
"Kono baka-yaro! Nani ittendayo! Baka wa bakame no imi ja naindayo! O-mae wa honto ni baka-gaijin da ne!
by Andy Mack April 12, 2005
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The japanese word for idiot. Or fool.

You can also replace this word with Cirno or ⑨.
You baka!
You're such a Cirno!
You're a total ⑨
by MistyKitsune-sachan July 16, 2011
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