The Name Of An Awesome Person
Often Used As A Substitute To Babe
Commonly Used In The Essex And Suffolk Area
Derogative from old Suffolk Accents.
Used regularly by farmers etc
But now adopted by today's youth.
"Alright Bah?"
"Bah, Can you pass me the salt?"
by Gabrielle Rush August 09, 2007
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A term used for when you don't care about something; a way to express you don't give a damn about whatever the issue is.
Person 1: Someone called you an asshole.
Person 2: Bah!
by Katopolis February 13, 2005
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Used to express dismissal, reject advice, renounce something, or to simply say "that won't happen".
dude 1: You can't take this boat through a hurricane! We'll sink!
dude 2: Bah.

dude 1: This ship is too big to be going this fast! There's icebergs out there!
dude 2: Bah.
by scuba steve January 27, 2005
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BAHA stands for "bad ass homo sexual" and is to be used when a homosexual male or female has done something badass, has something badass or is just one badass motherfucker.
by ohyoyobySH December 02, 2011
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A random word that you just say
David: Johnny your a bum.....
Johhny: BAH!
by Hellfirefighter October 21, 2004
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