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A sexual manuver in which the male inserts his penis into the vagina of a female and moves it in a circular motion as if stirring a hot cup of tea. One finishes the procedure by pulling the penis out of the vagina and taps it on the surface of it as if knocking excess tea from the spoon. If timed correctly, this tapping will cause the male to skeet onto the woman.
Megan really likes the tea time. Especially if you can skeet on her afterwards.

Timmy was never the same after Mrs. Nesbit invited him over for tea time.
by Pimpers August 06, 2007
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1. When it is time to drink tea.

2. A social hour.
Gangsta: Yo nigga, let's have tea time.

Guy: Alright dude *grabs the tea*
by Your mom November 05, 2003
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When you have a dip session involving two or more friends.
Jack- Hey want to go have a tea time?
Matt- Yea i'm down, I just got a new tin
by Young.Seneca March 05, 2016
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time when one smokes copious amounts of marijuana
I smoked 2 blunts at tea time
by retrom November 05, 2003
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publication of mechanical shrubbery, the british humour society of the university of the witwatersrand
wow, this months tea times is ultra cool...
by razorwit November 01, 2003
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1. slang term for an alcoholic drinking break during work hours, especially for workers at fairs and festivals where the hours are long and you have to deal with people. A highly social occasion during which flasks and bottles are passed around, everyone lets off steam, and random bites and kisses are exchanged. Can degrade (or upgrade, depending how you look at it) into a multiple-person make-out session depending on whether anyone brought drambui.
"Tea time with the ladies is at three and thirty, behind the flower booth!"
"Wonderful, I even remembered my flask today. Can I bring a friend?"
"Sure, just don't bring the boss!"
by nellemorley October 15, 2008
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