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you are Jewish, and you want other people around you to know that, so you say or do something Jewish in nature in order to drop the hint so they know you're one of the tribe.
bageling: "So I went to shul yesterday..." *glances from other Jews*
by leahzzzz March 01, 2008
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When multiple guy friends get naked with their erect penises out while they have one non participant. For this, the non participant will need assorted bagels. The amount depends on how many friends playing, how many rounds you want to play, etc, but it has to be different types of bagels. Keep in mind, this non participant will also have the responsibility of getting, and keeping, the players erect.The non participant, or host, then proceeds to fling the bagels onto the players' erect penises until they can hold no more bagels, The bagels tossed are at random. When everyone can fit no more bagels, there is a random bagel chosen blindly from the remaining bagels. Whoever has the most of that type of bagel on their respective penis is the winner. In this game, the bigger, the better effectively with more room for bagels. So whoever said that size does not matter obviously never went bageling.
"Hey Will, let's go bageling tonight!" - Rob
"Sure man, let's give Mikey a call. He's always down to bagel." - Will
by RetsamEvals June 01, 2013
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Definition of Bagling in English.
Bageling is the act of deliberately projecting ones Jewiness when in close vicinity to another Jew; in an attempt to let the other Jew know that you are, in fact, Jewish yourself; regardless of the fact that they probably don’t care. These projections can manifest through speech (Kanaina Hora! I forgot to buy a draidle.) Or, through physical actions (Overtly adjusting one’s Sheitel (dead racoon worn as a hat) while weighing a pound of flesh, cutting a hole in a sheet or making any other perceptibly Jewtonian action.)

Verb (Bagels, Bagling, Bagled)
reporting verb
Say in a blatantly Jewey manner:

With Direct Speech: “I’m a Jewishy Jew,” she bageled.

With Clause: She bageled that she won the Jew of the Year award from Jew Monthly.

No Object: They were bageling.

Transitive Verb:
In line at Sobeys, the yenta Bageled loudly to the unsuspecting young Rebbetzin.
1. A person who partakes in bageling.

That’s a Bagler if I’ve ever heard one!


Bagel World is a place where, if you go early enough, you can experience 'breakfast bagelling.'

2. A bageling statement.

Mom, your Bagling is tiresome.
by Jewey Goldenberg July 05, 2015
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The act of pelting a bagel at someone from a moving vehicle. Cinnamon-rasin bagels recommended. It is also recommended to have a fast car and a capable driver, just in case people don't like being hit with flying pastries. Face shots are the goal. Chest and back shots are acceptable.
Let's go bageling on Tuesday!

Roberto:"I have all of these bagels in my car, but I don't know what to do with them..."
Conrad:"We could eat them?"
Bruce:"Or we could go bageling!"
by bagel wizard December 31, 2012
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Buying a bunch of bagels then going to someones house opening the door and then chucking them at everyone in sight!
That bitch Bryan didn't invite Taylor and Michelle to his guitar hero party so they went bageling instead, and they hit up his house... twice.
by asdsad January 11, 2008
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the johnson country (ks) way of tp'ing. At the end of the day, the left over bagels at Einstein Bros. are given away. So people dumb them on unsuspecting yards. Like tp'ing put more expensive. Best done if it will rain that night.
Person 1: Hey dude, that ass Jake broke up with me
Person 2: Hey I got an idea, let's TP his house!
Person 1: No dude, it's going to rain tonight, let's bagel it.
by bumblingbando May 31, 2004
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