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The man who is secretly gay for me. He is afraid of spiders and once ate an entire whale with his feet. He has many aids to share with you. He loves kiki ;)
Baek: Hey you wanna get it on?
Me:what about Kiki
Baek: don't worry she likes yaoi.
Me: okay then let's do this.
by Lusexy November 29, 2013
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Baek derives from bae, which means Before Anyone Else, but baek is the term for someone's bae that is only loved because she is good at baking.
Used in sentence:
She is such a baek, Sam wouldn't love her if it wasn't for her cakes.

Used in speech:
Jacob: Poor baek! She is so overworked by John.
David: Yeah I swear that baek makes cakes for him 24/7.
Jacob: I didn't think John would need a baek in his life, but now we never see him like the good old times, he just sits on his couch eating cake and fattening up.
by ansertank August 22, 2014
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